Jonathan Dannenfelser is an expert in the field of real estate. His tremendous passion for real estate led him to acquire success and 15 years of experience in both residential and commercial properties. Unlike other real estate pros, Jonathan makes a difference by providing a one-stop-shop allowing you to experience a fast and smooth transaction.

Jonathan Dannenfelser has access to various MLS boards in addition to off market houses, which will help you find your dream home in a fun and simple manner. Jonathan Dannenfelser works with many different lenders from institutional banks to private hard money investors, which gives him the capability to help you obtain the best rates on any loan program, regardless of the situation.

Like you, Jonathan loves spending quality time with his family. He also likes playing sports, flying planes, and travelling anywhere. He is happily married to his wife, Janell, and blessed with a two-year old and a new born.

Jonathan Dannenfelser takes pride from having an exceptional approach to marketing. He works with an estate clientele who demand and expect superior representation. So, whether you need to refinance your house, buy a house or planning to sell your house, Jonathan Dannenfelser is the perfect real estate professional who will definitely meet your needs! Contact him today at (818) 822-3853 or send an email at and discover why he makes a difference!