California, Los Angeles election results

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In these consequential midterms, the national spotlight is not on solidly blue California. But there are dozens of high-stakes propositions that could sway the future of the state.

One of the most biggest (and antagonistic) battles is over rent control. In what could be a boon to renters, Proposition 10 would repeal a state law that puts limits on how cities such as Los Angeles and San Francisco enact rent regulation.

There are key races, too. With Jerry Brown termed out, Gavin Newsom is poised to become California’s next governor, while Dianne Feinstein is trying to hold onto her seat in the U.S. Senate. The fight for the superintendent of schools, meanwhile, has become one of the most expensive state races in the country.

Results for all of these critical contests will start streaming in once polls close at 8 p.m. This post will be updated throughout the night.

The latest

8:28 PM PST

2.8% (672 of 24,312) partially precincts reporting

Key state races


Gavin Newson: 49.2%

John H. Cox: 50.8%

Superintendent of public instruction

Tony Thurmond: 44.3%

Marshall Tuck: 55.7%

Attorney General

Xavier Becerra: 50.2%

Steven Bailey: 49.8%

U.S. Senate

Kevin De Leon: 46.9%

Dianne Feinstein: 53.1%

Key Los Angeles races

Los Angeles County Sheriff

Jim McDonnell:

Alex Villanueva:

Los Angeles County Assessor

Jeffrey Prang:

John Loew:

State measures

Proposition 1

Affordable and veterans housing bonds

Yes: 47.0%

No: 53.0%

Proposition 2

Homes for people with mental illness bonds

Yes: 55.1%

No: 44.9%

Proposition 3

Water bonds

Yes: 43.8%

No: 56.2%

Proposition 4

Children’s hospital bonds

Yes: 54.4%

No: 45.6%

Proposition 5

Property tax breaks for older homeowners

Yes: 47.6%

No: 52.4%

Proposition 6

Repeal gas tax hike

Yes: 51.3%

No: 48.7%

Proposition 7

Allows changes to daylight savings

Yes: 62.2%

No: 37.8%

Proposition 8

Control dialysis center charges

Yes: 35.2%

No: 64.8%

Proposition 10

Allows rent control expansion

Yes: 30.8%

No: 69.2%

Proposition 11

Breaks for private ambulance drivers

Yes: 65.8%

No: 34.2%

Proposition 12

Farm animal confinement

Yes: 56.5%

No: 43.5%

Key Los Angeles measures

Measure W

Stormwater parcel tax

Measure B

Public bank for Los Angeles

Measure E

Align state and city primary elections

Measure EE

Align school and city elections

Santa Monica

Measure SM

Supermajority vote for taller buildings

Santa Monica City Council

Scott Bellomo

Sue Himmelrich

Greg Morena

Geoffrey Neri

Pam O’Connor

Ashley Powell



Mohamed Ben Amor

James Butts

Marc Little

Brandon George Myers

Joseph Soto

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