Buying Your First Home

Are you one of those people who are planning to buy their first home? If yes, it is very imperative that you have an apparent and superior understanding about the salient things to consider in buying your first home. It is a fact that buying a home is thrilling yet confusing since there are various things to consider such as different loan types, best way to submit offers and selling or refinancing in the future.  If you are facing these kind of scenarios, it is very important to consult an expert like Jonathan Dannenfelser.

Jonathan Dannenfelser offers a one-stop-shop real estate service, from obtaining pre-approval letters to searching for your dream home, submitting offers that get accepted and receiving your keys at closing. Jonathan Dannenfelser has an in depth knowledge and expertise in the field of buying homes and with his help and expertise you with soon be enjoying your family and friends wining and dinning in your oasis. Check this out:

How Purchase Loans Are Made

Jonathan Dannenfelser will provide you the easiest and fastest way on how to get a purchase loan. He will also guide and assist you in making the right decision in buying your home.

  1. The first thing that you need to do is to obtain a pre-approval for your mortgage before you start searching for your dream home. It is also important to know how much money you can afford to spend when buying a home. This step will greatly help you to strengthen your bargaining position with sellers. Click here and fill out the inquiry form on right of page to start the pre-approval process.
  2. After you’re pre-approved, this is the right time for you to begin your search for your dream home. Jonathan will serve as your guide and key to search for your dream home. Click here to begin search.
  3. When the offer is accepted, it’s time to finalize your mortgage approval and Jonathan will process all documentation.
  4. Closing on your home. At close, the ownership of the property is transferred to you.
  5. Congratulations, go celebrate! You’re the proud owner of a new sweet home.

When it comes to buying a home, the initial step that you need to consider is getting pre-qualified. Jonathan Dannenfelser is here to help and assist you in starting the first step. He will offer you with a pre-approval consultation that will help you to have a better understanding about the home financial objective. Once complete, Jonathan will help you find your dream home.

Need expert advice on a new loan?

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