The Essential Benefits of Rental Homeownership

It is true that owning an investment property can provide you personal and financial benefits that you will extremely love. Jonathan Dannenfelser has a vast knowledge and expertise in the field of rental homeownership in both residential and commercial properties. In order for you to be aware and familiar about the personal and financial benefits of rental homeownership, here are some of them that you need to check out.

  • When you completely decide to buy a rental investment property, one of the greatest benefits is that you are the owner of your chosen investment property. It simply means that you are the boss and at the same time you can opt the tenants, property and set your desired rent.
  • When it comes to potential appreciation of property value, you can increase your rental rates and decrease your expenses to be sure that the property value will increase and at the same time it can give you a high leveraged asset that you will surely love.
  • As the boss and owner of your property investment, you can obtain excellent cash flow and rental income. It is a fact that investment properties have the ability to create exceptional cash flow.
  • In line with this, you are also entitled for tax deductions. It is very imperative that you consult and seek for expert advice to an accountant to easily determine your specific write offs.

Buying an Investment Property

The banks classify an investment property as a home that’s non-owner occupied. In other words, you plan to rent the home to tenants 12 months out of the year. The main purpose aside from any tax benefit and equity growth is to produce income from the rent you collect. Rental properties can be hundreds of miles from your primary residence or they can be next door. Jonathan Dannenfelser is here to help guide you on how to properly understand the costs and benefits of owning an investment property.

With the help and expertise of Jonathan Dannenfelser, you will be sure to obtain your dream investment property and gain financial wealth for your family. Jonathan is always ready to answer all your questions and queries. He guarantees his clients will never be disappointed with his services.


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