Many people think to sell a home you place an ad in the paper and wait for a person to call and buy the home…not so!  If that were true, real estate professionals would be out of work.

The basic law of real estate is this:  Ads don’t sell homes…people do!!

We are trying to educate sellers and the public about the tremendous changes in real estate marketing. A recent study by the national association of REALTORS® uncovered some interesting statistics about where buyers come from.

  • 40%     Purchased because they recognized a SALESPERSON or firm name and were serviced by them
  • 20%     Purchased because they saw a sale post and approved of the home’s exterior and location
  • 18%     Responded to an ad but eventually purchased a different home
  • 7%     Referred through a relocation service
  • 3%     Bought the home they saw advertised
  • 1%     Bought the home they saw at an Open House
  • 3%     Bought for a combination of the above reasons