Top selling agents such as Jonathan Dannenfelser will not show your home if access is not readily available. We do not have time to run around town all day picking up and dropping off keys. They want to sell homes!
  • Keep all lights on
  • Keep all drapes and shutters open
  • Keep all doors unlocked
  • Leave soft music playing
  • Leave the premises
  • Take a short walk with your children and pets
  • Let the buyer be at ease and the agents do their job


New homes enjoy a marketing edge over resale homes because they are shiny and clean. And builders enhance their appeal by offering model homes (clean, bright, decorated in current colors and amenities) for buyers to examine. Our goal is to make your home as close to a model home as possible. You have nearly complete control over condition and you can increase value and decrease marketing time by being sure your property is in the best possible condition.

Paint & Carpet

Paint is your best improvement investment for getting greater return on your money.
Paint makes the whole house clean and neat. If your house has chipped paint, exposed wood or the paint looks faded, it is time to paint. If your carpet is worn, dirty, outdated or an unusual color, you may need to seriously consider replacing it. Many houses do not sell because of this problem. Don’t think that buyers have more money than you to replace carpet. They don’t. They will simply buy elsewhere.

Curb Appeal – Garden & Landscaping

Your front yard immediately reflects the inside condition of your house to the buyer.
People enjoy their yards. Make certain that the trees are trimmed so the house can be seen from the street. Have the grass mowed, trimmed and edged. Walkways should be swept. Clean away debris. Remove parked cars. If a buyer does not like the outside, that person simply drives on.